Easter 2014

What a great Easter weekend it was, a full day trip to the Isle of Skye with a family of six, two of which were extremely well behaved children who renamed me miss Wendy, a nickname I think I will keep.  We had a windy day but the sun was shone on us all and we covered a lot of ground and saw the wonderful views that the Highlands has to offer.  From Inverness to Eilean Donan castle and up to Kilt rock.  The next day (Sat) we went to Ben Nevis to allow the children who were from India to play in the snow, We havent had a lot of snow this winter so Ben Nevis was one of the few places I could think of to fulfil this wish.  I do so enjoy fulfilling the wishes of my guests.  The little man aged 4 brought me a snow ball from the very top of Ben Nevis all the way down to the car park, his poor hand was freezing carrying it all that way.  The smile on his face was so heart warming when I received what little was left of it.  Thank you Rohan I promise to not call you little man anymore.


On the Saturday evening I received a call from guests wishing to spend as long as was possible on tour and see as many sights as we could allow given what time was available, we did the run round Lochness, up into the mountains where the sights were again wonderful, mountains all round us, pictures to take home and made memories for all of us.   We stopped in some wonderful places for more pictures and again we went to Ben Nevis, the views from the top of Ben Nevis were breathtaking, a real must see.


It gives me such pleasure to show the sights the Highlands has to offer, there may be places all over the world that are wonderful and beautiful and some may even look similar but as my guests said there is nothing like the Highlands of Scotland, the setting, the air everything about it is unique for no other reason than it is the Highlands of Scotland.


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