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What a start we have had to the new season, out and about with ionahighlandtours.com to the Isle of Skye, Eilean Donan Castle, Ben Nevis, Lochness, Falls of Foyers. Cawdor Castle, Clava Cairns and of course Culloden battlefield too mention just a few of our most popular destinations.

Guests have enjoyed feeding the calves and cattle with carrots, and getting to be hands on with the wild life, we have seen wild goats, white tailed sea eagles,  deer and many other wonderful things nature in the Highlands of Scotland has to offer.

The yellow gorse has been a wonderful reminder summer is coming,  We had such a show this year, the blue bells covering the ground were amazing and gave everything a blue/purple sheen as you looked from a distance.

Having had a dry winter, we found ourselves wet in spring but not enough to spoil anything, it made the waters falls fuller and a joy to see, and all the greenery looked more vibrant because of it.

Many new friends made and how wonderful it is to see so many people enjoying the wonderful sights of the Highlands, I am so spoiled at having the pleasure of taking people around and showing them such beauty.

I bought a new camera, one that I am hoping will picture what I see and will give so much detail it will make everyone want to come and see it for themselves.  I am still very much learning how to use it but I am happy with the results so far, but decide for yourself as you look at the following pictures.


Gypsy caravan on the grounds of Cawdor Castle,

Black house, Culloden Battlefield with ionehighlandtours.com

Black house on Culloden battlefield, one of the few examples with peat used on its walls,

Yellow Gorse in the Scottish highlands

Yellow Gorse covers the Highlands of Scotland

The cuillins of Skye   with ionahighlandtours.com

The Cuillins of Skye, taken from Eilean Donan castle

Scottish highlands with ionahighlandtours.com

Scottish Highlands

Loch Carron Road looking back towards Skye

Happy Guests on tour with ionahighlandtours.com with scenes like these why go abroad?


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