New Album of Lochness Photos

Lochness today was so pretty, with the sun shinning I decided to go and take some new photos with the new camera.  Lochness was really at her best, such clear blue water with the reflection of the deep blue sky.  We also stopped and took some pictures at the Caledonian canal, something I haven’t done yet, it was lovely to see a barge on it, I haven’t seen a barge for years. i

Lochness from Dores beach

Lochness from Dores beach




Lochness Dores beach


Dores beach


original hand made nessie


Urquhart Castle from Foyers side


The Inn at Whitechapel


The craft shop, Invermoriston


Urquhart Castle


Caledonian Canal


Caledonian Canal


Yellow submerine at Dromnodrochit used to search Lochness in past times


Another boat used on Lochness

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Oban, Lochness and Skye

What a busy week its been, first a trip to Oban, then a tour all round Lochness and today Isle of Skye

Oban was a washout, I was so looking forward to it and posting some wonderful pictures but it rained so hard I used my camera once all day.  I somehow got lost coming home after dropping the guests off the other side of Oban and ended up 63 miles from Glasgow.  With the weather being as it was I decided not to visit Loch lLomond lol and drove home through the stunning Glencoe, unfortunately unable to see a thing because the rain was so hard.  I will just have to make another day to go and get pictures.  The scenery is stunning and wonderful to see.

The next tour was from Invergordon to Lochness, taking in Urquhart castle and Foyers Falls. We had a reasonable day but again rain spoiled the pictures a little, it didn’t stop us though and we enjoyed a lovely time together.

Today it was another shore excursion from invergordon, this time we went further afield to the Isle of Skye, Eilean Donan castle and Loch Carron.  just to name a few of the places we visited.  We turned back at the old man of Storr to allow time to return to the ship.   We had a great time Sunshine and a few showers but it only rained while we drove and the sun shone when we stopped.  Everyone had a great time and we got back to the ship an hour ahead of schedule having missed out nothing.

Karen wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps

Karen wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps

Lochness shore excursion