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Well its been a while since my last blog, partly due to being busy and partly redesigning the new website.  it would be good to get feedback on it.  The website now has virtual tours although this is still a work in progress.  There is also a new tour added.  The Outlander book tour. This is now being televised and proving to be a popular addition.  The story of the books for those who have not read it.  Clair goes to get a flower for her collection, and falls through the split stone and lands in the highlands 200 years previously.  there she meets many challenges and falls in love with Jamie. although she didn’t realise she had until she was forced to marry him in order to save her life.  The books are very good historically, and the Author Diane Gabaldon has has correctly identified the nature of the Highlanders and their way of life.  A must read for anyone interested in history and culture.  Once you start to read these books you wont want to put them down.  The tour takes in the Split stone, Culloden battlefiled, Beauly priory as well as Lochness and Urquhart castle. Check out the tours and leave your feedback if you have time.

Outlander Tour - follow Jamie and Claire in Diana Gabalon's Outlander

split stone

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