Full Steam Ahead

So its update time again..

Since the new vans arrived early its been interesting trying to get everything in place that should only just be falling into place now, like marketing and who’s selling what tickets and how many seats. We still had bookings for the old car and had to transfer everything across but as usual we strived under the pressure and I’m convinced that things have actually turned out better then we had previously planned. Not only have I been busy sorting all the bookings, marketing and admin work.. trust me theres more then you would think! But the vans have also been really busy and I think we can safely say the Tourist season has officially started!! Wahoo!!

Ealier in the week we had our biggest group booking to date of 7 passengers to the Isle of Skye, that was until today that is when we broke that record and for the first time this season we have both vans out in convoy to the stunning Kilt Rock with a awesome group of 11 people 🙂 Hopefully this is just the start for big bookings and we will have both vans out to the same place more often. The biggest thing we have discovered this last 2 weeks, other then how handy mark is with a mop and vacuum, is that more often then not it will end up with them going in oppose directions which is great for me as I get plenty more photos to work with.

The biggest news I would love to share though is that we have another new member, Eddie, that has joined our team. He and his wife came Inverness for an adventure and little did anyone know that it would land them on our door step and that he would become our newest driver, plus we discovered that as he’s such a happy positive person he is really good at selling the tours in town, bonus! and fits in with the team perfectly.

Well thats this update done theres plenty more I could tell you but I will leave that for another day as this is already quite long.. oops!

Thanks for reading 🙂

I think Its time for a update

Hi im Mary, Wendy’s daughter, I have taken over the role of admin and marketing for Iona highland tours. Its definitely more time consuming then I first thought but I’m not sure what is worse the constant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates or the 4 month old puppy I am also training and walking,shes doing really well though.

I thought it was time we update you on the exciting things that are currently going on and the troubles we have over come along the way. Lets start with the new vans that are arriving, we finally have a date for them which is very exciting as they arrive in only a few days which now means we have a lot of work to do in a short space of time but atleast we now have the full time help of my husband, Mark, who gave up his career In retail to come on board the family business (brave man). Thats not the only change that has happened recently, the vans that are arriving are not the ones we previously ordered. We had ordered the brand new Citroen Space tourers but unfortunately Citroen have decided to only use one factory to build all the orders for the uk and Europe!! So as you can imagine that wasn’t going to work for us as the new delivery date wasn’t going to be till October which is after the season had ended! we got the email sent to us only 3 weeks before the vans where set to be delivered so of course we got into a bit of panic that we wouldn’t get anything in time but at least one good thing came out of it all, meant I got to go shopping which I love and car shopping is most defiantly one of my favourites unfortunately my mother does not enjoy it quite as much. Thankfully after a few days of stress and a lot of numbers being thrown at us we decided on 2 VW Transporters which are perfect for what we need and should, arrive on Wednesday 🙂 There is plenty of room inside and so much glass that you can take the perfect photo from any angle and it doesn’t even look like you are in a vehicle. We did have to make some compromises and one of them is there is no longer a glass roof which is one of thing we where most excited about In the Citroens, but at least they are still top of the line with all the modern features you would expect in a 2017 tour vehicle.

Now the stress of the van dilemma is over we are looking to the future and I’m sitting here with a list of jobs I need to do before they arrive but we are most definitely well and truly on our way to a successful company expansion, its been a busy few months but worth every second of it.

Thank you for reading my update and I will try to be on again soon and let you know how mark is getting on with his new role and most importantly how he is dealing with getting his orders from both her wife and mother in law!!

See you soon
Mary Craven