Full Steam Ahead

So its update time again..

Since the new vans arrived early its been interesting trying to get everything in place that should only just be falling into place now, like marketing and who’s selling what tickets and how many seats. We still had bookings for the old car and had to transfer everything across but as usual we strived under the pressure and I’m convinced that things have actually turned out better then we had previously planned. Not only have I been busy sorting all the bookings, marketing and admin work.. trust me theres more then you would think! But the vans have also been really busy and I think we can safely say the Tourist season has officially started!! Wahoo!!

Ealier in the week we had our biggest group booking to date of 7 passengers to the Isle of Skye, that was until today that is when we broke that record and for the first time this season we have both vans out in convoy to the stunning Kilt Rock with a awesome group of 11 people 🙂 Hopefully this is just the start for big bookings and we will have both vans out to the same place more often. The biggest thing we have discovered this last 2 weeks, other then how handy mark is with a mop and vacuum, is that more often then not it will end up with them going in oppose directions which is great for me as I get plenty more photos to work with.

The biggest news I would love to share though is that we have another new member, Eddie, that has joined our team. He and his wife came Inverness for an adventure and little did anyone know that it would land them on our door step and that he would become our newest driver, plus we discovered that as he’s such a happy positive person he is really good at selling the tours in town, bonus! and fits in with the team perfectly.

Well thats this update done theres plenty more I could tell you but I will leave that for another day as this is already quite long.. oops!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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