Everyday is a different adventure

The last couple of weeks have been an adventure!

We have officially started the season and have been out with 2 vans nearly every day which is fantastic, whoop whoop!! most of the tours have been to the Isle of Skye even though we did get an interesting one to Oben the other day. The family had gone on tour with Mark the day before to the magical Fairy Pools which had been a dream of their daughters and they had a great time exploring. Unfortunately they had been having a little bit of trouble with their hire car and it made them little skittish to drive over here on our roads. Their plan had been to drive to Oben and spend a few days there before flying to there next destination to begin another adventure but they where not very comfortable driving that far anymore. When mark heard this he spoke with Wendy and between them both they managed to get the hire car back to the company and took the family to Oben as well as doing a tour of Glenco on the way. They where a lovely family and we didn’t mind going out of our way to help them. We are so fortune that we meet such a vary of people with in our work. We learn so many different stories and cultures.

The other exciting news that has happened is that we have finally gone live with the visitors centre in Inverness. We got our first tour from them on the 14th of June and have been getting booking from them most days ever since. They have just moved to a new more central position in town so we are hoping that means good things for us.


A mad dash to Wales

My mother (Wendy) and I are very spontaneous people. Last Tuesday we only had 1 van booked for a tour so Wendy was suppose to be taking the day off. The only problem with that is that unless she’s not in Inverness she will carry on working as she also has a guest house to run. So I get a phone call about 8.30am and get asked if the kids and I fancy going to see my big brother for a few hours. Now you would think that is a nice way to spend the day and something that most families do. What a lot of families don’t do is travel 8 hours to see family for just for 2 hours before setting off home again. My brother lives in north Wales! So of course I agreed and we aimed to leave town within the hour. Unfortunately with 3 children and 2 dogs that did not happen. By the time we had all packed up and got on the road it was nearly 10.30 then we had to go get fuel and snacks so didn’t leave Inverness till 11. We played a lot of car games and learned that the puppy is actually a good traveler as long as you are ready to catch her when you open the door. She was so eager to see everything going on that she would jump out as soon as the door was open but she would happily wait with her tail wagging once she was out and could see.

We arrived in north Wales about 8pm and thankfully they where having a heat wave and it was still lovely and bright out so we decided to meet my brother, his wife and my lovely 3 year old nephew on the beach when the kids and dogs got to run off most of their energy. All 4 kids (and my big brother) ended up in the sea and had the best 2 hours of their lives Im sure. The only problem was that my middle and youngest had managed to go through both sets of clothes I had brought them. We decided at this point to book a hotel and stay the night son I could wash there clothes and we could set off the next morning again. We found a hotel that allowed dogs in the next town so said our good byes and went on our way. Now as I had already said we where having heat wave which the hotel seemed unaware of. The temperature in that room was stifling! especially when you add 2 adults 3 kids and 2 dogs. The puppy had the time of her life jumping all over the place and giving everyone good night kisses. So after a very uncomfortable nights sleep and having to go to the shop to buy more clothes, sand is not easy to get out of jeans, we set back off up the road and arrived back just in time for dinner 🙂

Since we have been back we have not had a chance to stop with having both vans out every day and still having the guest house to run so i am very glad that we took the mad dash brake when we got the chance and I’m also very thankful that Mark was here to hold down the fort and carry on with the tours while we went on a mad adventure.














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