An eventful week for our work Vehicles

We have had an eventful week with the vans..

It started so well with the sign writing on the first van being completed. We used the new picture of Eilean Donan castle that we have changed all the stationary too and it looks really good on the dark van. We changed the lettering and words to “Tours with a difference” which was not on the old Sangyong that we had before upgrading when we expanded. The symbols for the social media that we use and the wifi symbol have also seen added to the van. All in all it looks amazing and we are very pleased with the results. I can’t wait to take it to the middle of the isle of Skye and get some proper marketing shots of it. I’m even more excited to get them both finished.  Unfortunately since we have had the van done we have not had very good weather to get the photos that I would of liked but I have a few that show it off.

The other van 

While we have been getting the first van sign written unfortunately the other van got side swiped.. It was parked up for the night after it been cleaned and made ready for the tour the next day when one of the cars, parked up the hill hand brake had failed and came crashing down the hill going over a kerb, swiping another car and finally ending in the side of our van. We are very fortunate that the person that owned the car thats brake had failed came to find out the owner of the van. He was very apologetic and even though its only a 3 week old vehicle we are very understanding that these things happen and just grateful that he didn’t just drive away like so many other people would of done. Thankfully the damage is not too bad and we can hopefully get it repaired quickly and looking back to perfect again. Soon enough we will be out with 2 vehicles both looking amazing under the Iona highland tours banners and the vans first crash will soon be just a funny story that happened along the way of the first year of the new business.

Thank you for reading. Catch up with you next week when I’m sure we will have many more adventures to share.

Mary Craven


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