Summer Is Past!!

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So its that time of year the summer is past and the autumn and winter months are upon us…….season over right?……..



At Iona Highland Tours we are committing to showing the beauty of the highlands all year round so come rain or shine or maybe even some snow…..we are here for all your touring needs.


My name is Mark and during this summer I have been driving and meeting many of our fantastic guests, some of you will doubtless have had to endure a day with me at some point.

I wanted to do a quick piece as although the summer is coming to an end my favourite time of year is upon us. I really do love the autumn and the winter months specifically I love all the colours and the harshness of the highlands at this time. Also you have to say the weather helps us all year round as Scotland isn’t truly Scotland if you don’t see it when the weather is a bit dismal.


Although you never promise anything this time of year is the perfect time to see some of Scotlands wildlife Red Deer, Roe Deer, Squirrels and Badgers just to name a few animals that are very active at this time of year.


Waterfalls, Falls of Foyers,

A must see!! Falls of Foyers

So as you would expect during the autumn and winter we get lots of rainfall. This makes for some spectacular waterfalls all around the Highlands, why not visit a few and see what images you can capture? Falls of Foyers, Glen Shiel, Isle of Skye All these places and more can really put on a show!


Snowcaps, Cullins, Isle of Skye

Its always possible for you to get some snow in the highlands and as long as the roads are clear we will be touring even to the Isle of Skye!! We love to see the snow on the mountains and it can be really spectacular and defiantly worth seeing….even if it is a little cold!

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours, Leaves, Scottish Autumn

Scotland Really does put a show on during the autumn!

My personal favourite part of this time of year the variety of colours and contrasts everywhere. I find this just breathtaking to be out in the Highlands during this season with the autumnal chill just nipping at the ears.

Defiantly A good time to take a hike amongst the forests or drive around Loch Ness.

So in short Why not come to the highlands and let us show you exactly why this is such a magical and different place no matter what the time of year!!

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