Applecross, Wester Ross

Applecross Wester Ross

Saturday was my first tour of the year into the wonderful Applecross Wester Ross and Bealach na Ba. Sunshine and showers and even an odd rainbow, as we drive along made our spirits bright.  The guests had never been there and had no idea what to expect, all they knew was I was taking them to my favourite place for scenery unlike anywhere else.

My guests were well travelled, but were not expecting to be amazed. They didn’t know which way to look, the rainbow that followed alongside the car? To the left or the right there were photographs to be taken all around.  We set off from Inverness and soon were heading towards Corrie Shallock Gorge, a nice relaxed day, stops are where guests want them or where I feel they may want a picture.  Soon we are seeing the waterfalls, and the wild goats as they show off their babies, as we drive along the coast just admiring the views and stopping for a picture here and there.


‘The weather was kind to us, we had an odd shower but for the most part we had wonderful sunshine.  Sunshine makes everything sparkle feet a shower.  We stopped for lunch and a small hike at Loch Maree.  A lovely spot with something for everyone including children.  And then onward. The scenery is getting more intense and building as we drive closer and closer to the Bealach.  Huge highland cows are often seen at the top of the hills and today was no exception.  I am convinced the cows are twice the size of the ones we usually see.  They were being lazy, laying down or chewing grass one lifted his head to acknowledge we were there and photographs were taken by very excited guests.  Of course sheep are also plentiful on the roads.

As we wind our way over the single track roads and head to the main event of the Bealach my guests were getting used to the views they were seeing and really didn’t believe it would get any better,  there couldn’t possibly be an improvement on the views we have seen already.  I had heard a few WOW’s coming from the back and it always does my heart good to hear guests enjoying what I am showing them.

Bealach na Ba

Then we reached the Bealach na Ba, amazing, beautiful were their comments.  As we took photos and started to drive down I told them to keep their camera handy, they were surely going to need it.  I have uploaded a few pictures for to get a feel of the tour and decide for yourselves, isn’t just fantastic?   I tried to upLoad a video of the Bealach road going back down towards Loch Carron but the site doesn’t allow such large files, so I guess you will have to go look at it on my Facebook page instead.

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