Let me introduce myself. My name is Wendy, I have a passion for the Highlands of Scotland and nothing compares to the joy the guests seeing the Highlands for the first time, I also have a guest house called Iona Guest House in Inverness, Scotland. I started to provide tours because many of my guests arrived, some not wanting to drive on the “wrong side of the road”, some were very short on time, and some just didn’t know what they wanted until they arrived. So I decided to do what I love doing best, showing off the place that is in my heart. It is really a pleasure to show people the Highlands of Scotland, to go round each corner and hear the amazement of the next beautiful sight. The season doesn’t matter, the Scottish Highlands look wonderful whichever seasonal coat they are wearing. And of course the tours aren’t just open to my guests, anyone is welcome. To take a tour with me is to see the places you wouldnt get to with public transport, or to be able to enjoy the journey without waiting for a lot of people to take photographs,  its personal and enjoyable,  being able to change plans at the last minute or to change how long you want to see the sights for.  All days are changeable to suit your needs. unlike a coach trip where the itinerary is pre set and so it is more enjoyable and the price is almost the same.

[dacallout]I offer four hour, six hour, and eight hour tours, all in the comfort of a luxury seven seat car. [/dacallout]

Photograph of the Iona Highland Tours tour vehicle in the Scottish highlands.

Our 7 seat, climate controlled, tour vehicle

Taking a personalized, private tour means you have more freedom, both of time and distance. You will travel further and have more chances to take pictures of the wonderful Scottish highlands scenery from a car than a bus. For example my full tour of Lochness goes totally around the loch stopping at Foyers Falls and then on to Urquhart Castle and Drumnadrochit visitors center. You can walk down to Lochness and wash your hands in the water, walk on the shore and maybe “Nessie” will come out to play. This is just one suggested trip. Really it’s about where you want to go, what interests you, it’s your vacation so it’s my pleasure to show you as much as time will allow of the beauty of the Highlands.

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To book your tour call us on +44 7952 046076, or email us at info@ionahighlandtours.com.

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