Applecross Bealach na Ba

Applecross and Bealach na Ba

If you are looking for those amazing photographs all your friends will be jealous of, then there is no better tour that our Applecross and Bealach na Ba.  It’s an absolute must see. Scenery like no other in the Highlands, and highland cows bigger than anywhere else I have ever seen.

Starting from Inverness at 8 am we allow plenty of time to take those special pictures, this tour takes a full day so we won’t be back until six.  A day where you won’t know which way to look, around every corner there is a view. We cover a lot of ground and this tour is very car bound but with a lot of stops for stretching your legs and taking those wonderful vistas.   If you enjoy taking those photographs that people will want to see, making calendars for your friends and family for the next birthday or Christmas then this is the tour for you.  We dint have designated stops we just have a relaxed day stopping where we want for as long as we want.

Loch Maree

This is where we do lunch, a picnic lunch is provided.  There are walks and trails here for you to go wandering, a very nice place with lots of things to see.  We have around an hour here so that you can stretch your legs, eat your lunch, or just sit and watch the world go by.   We went our way next towards Applecross over the single track roads, enjoying the wild life as we pass.  No two days are the same in the Highlands, as the light changes from you to hour. The tour takes us through lots of little villages, so you will get to see how the locals live. Over mountains and through the glens streams and waterfalls surround us.  A truly relaxing day of just enjoying our surroundings. We get to the lovely village of Applecross and start to climb up to the Bealach na Ba.  Following the cattle paths of long ago. Once at the summit we stop for you to experience the views, the wind is often blowing here but it doesn’t deter us. As we start to wend our way back down through the pass, you will need your camera!  You will want to record the sights, to make memories you won’t easily forget.

Loch Carron

A small village but has the necessities of hot coffee. And of course other amenities too.  From here we are around an hour and a half from Inverness, returning through Achnasheen and arriving at around six pm just in time for dinner.