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Today we went to the Isle of Skye on our private tour.  There were four of us including myself, Helena, Mariana and Lars.  When I get in the car I always ask people for their ‘tick box’ list, although we often go to the same places, each person has an expectation, something they particularly want to see, or enjoy during that day, these are the things that make it special.

www.ionahighlandtours.com Isle of Skye tourWe started at Lochness, the sun was just breaking out.




On today’s tick box list was a Highland cow, wonderful scenery, and a few surprises if possible.   I knew where there we some cows of course, its a common ask. so off we went, the first two farmers has moved their cows, so  it wasn’t until we got onto the Isle of Skye itself we found them .

www.ionahighlandtours.com Isle of Skye tour

Highland Cow

There was quite a herd of them and they are usualy up the mountain and away from the cameras but today they were close to the road, and easy to photograph.

Of course the next ask was easy, wonderful scenery, We went to Portree, and then on to past the old man of Storr, and did the loop, taking in Kilt Rock, at Staffin and the Living museum close to Uig.  the scenery on Skye is amazing.

We continued towards home, on the Locharron road,  where there were some wonderful photos opportunites and by then the sun was making it all so much better.  We continued home through Garve and decided as we were passing to go to Rogie Falls, I had heard the salmon were jumping at Shin Falls so there was a good chance they were at Rogie Falls as well.   Well there came the last of the tick box’s the few surprises, we had only been watching about five minutes when the first salmon jumped, we stayed watching for quite some time, unfortunately we just weren’t quick enough to get a picture no matter how hard we tried, but we all were more than happy that we saw it and created a new memory.

1st July

The highlands are just starting to come alive for the summer,  the heather is blooming slowly, the salmon are jumping at Shin Falls, whales have been spotted of the Orkney coast,  the flowers in the gardens of all the Castles are in wonderful colour.   I like looking at the bed and breakfasts with all the hanging baskets and bedding plants in every garden.  The schools are out for the summer holidays so there is life everywhere.

inverness islands www.ionahighlandtours.com

inverness islands

Day out with Fred and Lucy

Just back, what a wonderful day of discovery we had, this is today’s chosen picture, the weather was a misty and wet but when it really mattered it cleared enough for a few photographs. Thank you for a lovely day out with Fred and Lucy Read more

The Official Start of Summer

Today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, so I hope you’re all enjoying it. Off to Skye again tomorrow, three times in one week and every day it changes and is more beautiful. I don’t think I will ever tire of it.

Eilean Donan Castle

I took this lovely picture of Eilean Donan Castle yesterday while out on the Isle of Skye tour. I do hope you all like it. It reminds me of an oil painting the way the colours catch it.

Photograph of Eilean Donan Castle - Scotland. www.ionahighlandtours.com

Eilean Donan Castle

Welcome to my blog

Well here goes,  my first blog, on any site let alone my own web site.  This is going to be Interesting, firstly to see who reads it, and secondly to see how long I can keep up finding something to say that is worth saying.   I told my son I was going to do a blog he thought it was very funny,  he asked me what is the blog about, to which I replied I really don’t know.  So I have spent most of today thinking about the blog and what to write than actually getting on with it.   I think I will just write what comes naturally and see what develops and where it takes us.   Any suggestions are always welcome though.

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Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

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